Oil on Canvas 28 x 30
Swimming to the Moon to You
Oil/Oil Bars on Linen
40 x 38
Reflection 28 x 38
Oil on Canvas
Tracks Oil On Canvas
34 x 30
Untitled Oil on Canvas 22 x 24
Untitled Oil on Canvas
16 x 24
The Evening, Oils  34 x 40   

Betsy Heffron
New Works: Non-Objective
Beyond Objects & Landscapes
My paintings and drawings are the exploration of my surroundings; nature, urban living, objects. A red chair, vintage seltzer bottles, typewriters,
windows, doors. I am a painter working in oils and oil bars, my approach to painting stems from academic and atelier training. Bold and exaggerated
colors create vibration and energy. Objects become obsessions….color, as content.
Please contact me @ for pricing, prints and commissions.
The Rain, Oils 24 x 30

Oils on canvas
12 x 16
Light of Day
Oils on canvas
12 x 16

Oils on canvas
12 x 16
Beneath the Surface
Oil on Canvas
16 x 16
PINK Strong
Oil & Oil Bars  on Board
10 x 10