Betsy Heffron

Objects & Obsessions: My work is the exploration of nature and objects I obsess about both vintage and new.  A chair, vintage seltzer bottles, typewriters, flowers, the
City or the ocean.  I am a painter working in oils and oil bars, my approach to painting stems from academic and atelier training combined with an appetite for color.
Please contact me @ for pricing, prints and commissions.
Lanterns in the Trees, Oils/Oil Bars
40 x 38
New York City Rain ~ Oil on Canvas
24 x 18    
Garden Party Oils/Oil Bars on Canvas
36 x 24
New York Watertowers,  Oils
16 x 24
Downtown Phoenix
~ Oil on Canvas  18 x 14
Field,  Oils  20 x 16
Fog in Manhattan, Oil on wood 10 x 11
Carefree Highway Oil on Canvass 40 x 38
Wild Trees Oil/Oil Bars on canvas
52 x 40
New York City in the SnowOil & Oil Bars 36 x 40
New York City in the Snow
Oil & Oil Bars 36 x 40
NYC Snowy Water Towers
Oils & Oil Bars 10 x 12
Day at the Fair Oil/Oil Bars 30 x 30
Wildflowers Oil & Oil Bars Oil on
canvas 16 x 24  
NYC Fire Escape Oil on wood
10 x 1
Dakota Oil on Canvas  24 x 28
NYC Rooftop Oil on Board
10 x 12